We have four sober living homes dedicated to our residents in every stage of their recovery. During the first phase, we have 3 homes –  Cypress house, which offers a main house with five bedrooms and three bathrooms for women – and also Evergreen & 21 house, each with five bedrooms & three bathrooms for men. These houses offer a structured sober living environment for residents new to sobriety. At this first stage, food, wifi and laundry facilities are free.

For men who are ready for the next stage of recovery, we provide Phase II transitional housing in Central Phoenix. This home has dorm style bedrooms and three shared bathrooms. There are also large kitchens, dining rooms, a living room with a TV, and wifi are free. This house has a pool table as well. Once accepted to the Phase 2 housing, residents must be working a 12 step program. 


All of our housing is conveniently located near the light rail and bus routes, as well as a shopping center. There are meeting halls nearby as well.

Residents in Phase One of the program have a highly structured experience and primarily focus their energy on remaining clean and sober. Phase Two is less structured—residents are encouraged to get jobs, enroll in college, attend meetings of their choice and have more social experiences.

During the initial phase, there are meetings held on-site. Many clients opt to attend an outpatient treatment program in the area, we work with a number of out patient treatment facilities that provide those services

Residents are responsible for their personal spaces as well as keeping common areas tidy. Random drug screenings are often performed, as well as property checks. We maintain that every resident needs to be accountable for themselves to contribute to an environment conducive to healing. This means being respectful of other residents’ personal space and keeping the noise levels down, especially at night. There are no overnight guests allowed, however we do allow residents to request overnight passes.

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