Frequently Asked Questions

What is New Dimensions in Recovery?

New Dimensions in Recovery is a non-profit organization (501 (c) 3) that provides sober living housing to people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. We have been in operation since 2007 and offer two stages of housing. Phase I housing offers a highly structured living environment. Phase II is a less structured living environment. Both Phases provide programs geared toward arresting the disease of addiction and helping you return to successful independent living.

Why did you start NDIR?

Before becoming Executive Director of NDIR, I was involved in transitional housing on a smaller scale. I was approached by some people in the mental health community who asked me to open a recovery house for recovering people on medications. Although at the time I knew very little of this community, I was committed to helping any and all people with a desire to arrest their disease of addiction. Today it has become a passion and the fulfillment of my life’s work.

What recovery support do you offer?

We offer recovery based on the 12-steps, as it has the number one success rate. We work with hospitals and institutions to ensure meetings come to our Phase I residents on a daily basis. We also offer Christian Church Service.  We have partnered with many out patient programs in the recovery community and refer our residents to outside resources as needed.

How do I get housing?

Please call 602-682-7425 and talk with a Manager. All members of our team are in recovery and understand what you are going through. They are available to answer your questions and will assist you in determining the right housing for you. Typically the starting place is a brief phone interview, followed by an in-person appointment.

Who can apply?

All people who have a desire to address their substance abuse/alcohol issues may apply. We offer housing to the people:  dual diagnoses (co-occurring), GBLTQ, veterans, and others. We do not discriminate as we believe everyone has the right to sober housing.